Notice of closure

With deep regret, we wish to inform that (Pacific Garden Sheds The Shed Superstore), will cease all operations effective 1st June 2022.

This landing page will remain active for six months until 30/11/2022 - for reference and redirection purposes. All direct telephone, email and postal contact points are now closed.

It has always been our pleasure, for over thirty five years, to have serviced our customers as a premier retailer of outdoor storage solutions. We have however had to make the difficult decision to close the business. Due to personal circumstances, unfortunately we are unable to continue.

We sincerely thank you and the community for your consideration and patronage.


All inquiries regarding -

  • product warranty
  • missing and damaged parts, or
  • other product issues requiring action,

should be directed to the manufacturers' of the product(s) you purchased.(Refer to listing below).

Your product order was produced, packaged, dispatched and shipped to you - directly by the manufacturer and their contracted freight carriers. All warranties are provided by the product manufacturer and is passed on to you, on your purchase.

The manufacturer's respective customer service teams will assist you with all inquiries and instructions.

Please provide the proof of purchase details, forwarded to you from To identify your order, the manufacturer's will require the purchase order reference number, used when we ordered your product with them. Your assigned "Tax Invoice Number" is what has been used by us, when we have placed your order with the various manufacturers'.

Please note: The required tax invoice number is NOT the initial web order confirmation ID number . The web order ID number that appears on the online confirmation advice, is automatically generated and is sent to you by the website. The web order confirmation was the web site letting you know your order was received & pending acceptance and processing. It is a web site sequencing reference only. The manufacturers' do not have record of this number. The legal tax invoice created and emailed back to you when we have received, processed and completed your web order, is what is required (Refer to example extract below). All orders that we have placed and completed with the manufacturer's on your behalf, are referenced and identified by this tax invoice number

This Tax Invoice/Receipt was emailed to you (typically within two working days) to your provided email address. it was sent from one of the two operational business email addresses we used - either: (a) or (b) Where required, please check your email junk mail folder in the instance your particular email app (& the filter settings you established) may have filed it there upon receipt.

Example of emailed Tax Invoice